Ultimate Fighting Championship – 202

McGregor vs Diaz 2 will go down as one of the greatest fights in UFC history. UFC 202, which many believe trumped UFC 200, saw McGregor claim a majority decision win in his rematch with Nate Diaz after five sensational rounds in the main event of the night. The Irish fighter immediately called for a trilogy fight at lightweight after, something that UFC fans will be hoping to see inside the next year or two.

They say a fighter truly knows if he’s won or lost at the end of the fight and to me, it looked as if Nate Diaz was unsure as to whether he’d done enough to go 2-0 against Conor McGregor. He may have said he thought he’d won the bout afterwards, but I would have expected a personality as big as the one Diaz possess to be much more enraged if he truly felt that way.

McGregor ultimately ending up limping away from the Octagon, with early reports suggesting ‘The Notorious’ broke his foot during the grueling five-round contest, but those reports we’re shunned later in the evening, with the 28 year old claiming his shin was the only problem after the fight.

In terms of Conor McGregor’s future, a third Nate Diaz fight will almost certainly be in the pipeline, but I firmly believe that the UFC should leave the fans hanging on that contest for now, and book the mouthwatering McGregor vs Aldo 2 for the Featherweight Title at 145 pounds. Aldo will be wanting to extract revenge, while McGregor will be back to his confident, bold and egomaniac self that everybody loves to hate.

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor would draw millions and it makes sense for the UFC to book the fight. There is early speculation that it could even be booked as UFC 205’s main event in New York. A co-main event of Anthony Johnson vs Jon Jones would in my opinion, make the event one of the most highly anticipated nights in not only UFC history, but MMA history. These two bouts however, are unlikely- as McGregor himself is against the idea of fighting Aldo next and Jon Jones is being investigated by Usada.

Anthony Johnson is another fighter that looked sensational at UFC 202, picking up an early knockout victory over Glover Teixeira, shocking many fans who expected the Brazilian to beat the American. It’s difficult to understand why anybody would doubt the abilities of Johnson, seeing how he came into this fight with 11 wins in his last 12 fights- only losing to the current Light Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier last year.

Johnson and Jones is the fight that most, if not all, UFC enthusiasts have wanted to see for years, myself included. Jones, despite his flaws, is widely regarded as the UFC’s greatest of all time, having amassed an incredible 22 victories at the age of 29, one of which was against the current Champion, Daniel Cormier.

It wasn’t just McGregor and Johnson that impressed at UFC 202 however, stunning performances from Donald Cerrone, Mike Perry, Artem Lobov and Cody Garbrandt also pleased the fans and put these fighters firmly in the spotlight of their respective divisions. Cerrone certainly caught my eye, with the ‘Cowboy’ signing an 8 fight contract extension just days after his knockout performance against Rick Story and looking extremely comfortable at 170 pounds.

With the spectacle that was UFC 202 over, it’s going to be intriguing to see what the company will now schedule for their 205, 206 and 207 events, but whatever they do schedule, be sure to be entertained!


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