Lucas Browne – The Interview managed to catch up with Lucas Browne this past week – the undefeated Heavyweight Boxer is currently trying to clear his name after a turbulent past couple of years and is most certainly hoping to get back into action in the very near future. We discuss Browne’s current situation, potential opponents in the future, Hatton Promotions, mental health and much more!

For those unaware, Lucas Browne is an undefeated 38-year-old fighter that boasts an impressive 24-0 record in the Heavyweight division. Unfortunately for Browne, two failed drug tests have seemingly taken him down the pecking order when it comes to a World Title shot, but when quizzed on his short and long term future, the outspoken Australian remained upbeat and updated us on his current situation within the sport;

“I’ve been fully licensed and registered to box for over six weeks now, but I’m still banned from fighting for the WBC or WBA Title until June… I’m waiting on Hatton (Ricky) to sort me a fight out as soon as possible. I need a warm up or two then I’ll be ready to jump back into it all.”

In terms of potential opponents upon his return to the ring and whether or not there’s a specific date in mind, Browne replied with the following;

“Very soon I’m hoping, I’m just waiting on Hatton Promotions, the lawyers and the contracts… I want to fight everyone, I want my title back that I rightfully won. Ian Lewison and David Allen would be perfect opponents.”

That moved us nicely onto the next question and that was whether or not Browne had a close relationship with Ricky Hatton, his now promoter;

“It hasn’t been close no, never really has been close. Of course the fact I’m in Australia (and he’s in England) is a big factor.”

Before his suspension, Browne flew over to Russia and defeated the home crowd favourite, Ruslan Chagaev for the WBA World Heavyweight Title. Browne, who’s only ever fought in Australia, the United Kingdom and China, was asked about his experience over in Russia and whether he had any reservations over taking the fight, he had this to say;

“The fight in Chechnya was done through my management team. I was skeptical as you can imagine, going to a war-torn Muslim country looking like I do haha. I was treated with respect and never felt in danger at all, I was treated like a movie star! Unfortunately the rest of what happened from the fight, the time keeping, the spiking etc, all tainted the fight for me. I was cleared of any wrong doing after all the drama and was never given the title back. It’s forever ruined my trust and respect.”

As touched on, China was also another country in which Browne has competed in, asked whether or not he enjoyed his experience in China and why he opted to fight there, Browne replied;

“Well I fought in China because it was supposed to be a fight between myself and Richard Towers. I found out as I got off the plane however that he (Towers) had pulled out. I don’t think Towers could come to Australia with his criminal record… But again I was treat like a movie star and was extremely happy with the promotion, fight, and treatment overall.”

As of late, there’s been much talk about mental health within sports and the lack of support some athletes receive when it comes to suffering from the illness. We asked Browne about his thoughts on the subject;

“I think it has to do more with fame and money. If you can’t handle the pressure, the abuse, the limelight, then don’t box.”

If you’re an active social media user and following Browne on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, you may have seen him highlight his disgust at the treatment sustained from the UK boxing community. It’s a known fact that the British boxing fans are as passionate as any, so just why does Browne think he’s being targeted specifically by the Brits?

“I’ve had abuse off the Shannon Briggs fans and I understand that completely, but I honestly get 90% of the abuse from the UK fans and it’s just annoying now. They seem to just want to out of their way to make fake accounts and abuse me daily just for the apparent fun of it. It’s very much a cultural thing and it’s actually quite sad, but I do have many, many greats fans in the UK and I’m very thankful for that.”

When concluding our chat with Lucas Browne, we asked whether or not he had a message that he’d like to send out to anyone reading – Browne responded with the following to draw the interview to a close;

“I’m just a normal, simple, man who’s a Father and loves to hurt people for money. I’m now pissed off after all that has happened to me over the last year and I’m going to make my presence felt by hurting, bashing and shaming all that come before me.”

We’d like to thank Lucas for his time and give him our full support to him when he returns to the ring – whenever that may be. You can follow Browne on Twitter and Instagram via the links below. Thank you for reading and we hope to bring more interviews to the website very soon!

  • Twitter (@lucasbrowne)
  • Instagram (@lucasbigdaddybrowne)

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